Monday, December 29, 2008

Dog Lover Jr.

From the looks of it, we have another dog lover in the house!

The spotted white dog is BanBan, our askal in Cavite. The black one is Sandy, Mama's beloved labrador.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

2nd round of Charlie's

There are just some things (or food!) that, no matter how sinful and "calorific", you will just keep coming back for more. Like the burgers at Charlie's.

During our trip back to Kapitolyo from Cavite, I told Val I was hungry and craving for the angus of Charlie's. We stopped by the joint to take home our burger. It turned out, instead of just burger it was burgers for us. Val ordered chicken gourmet with bacon & black angus with fries.

Next time daw, as pasalubong for me, he will buy and try the marinara pasta with meatballs.

Our Christmas 2008

We have planned to hear our Christmas midnight mass in Pandacan. But when we got there there were no more good parking and it was raining. I didn't want to get Neo out in the rain so we decided hear mass in Cavite the next day, Christmas day. We then proceed to Mama and Papa's house where we spent a few hours of Christmas eve, playing with the dog, chatting and eating pizza!

At 7:15 AM, Christmas day, we picked Ruthie up from work and on we went to Cavite. We catched the 9AM schedule at St. Peter's. The little boy has been so giggly during the mass with Tata Ruthie carrying him. And it was so funny when during the "Ama Namin" prayer song, a lady beside us extended her hand just like we all do when we sing the prayer, Neo, thinking that it was a play, gestured his saw-saw suka skills! Nakakahiya man during the mass but I can't help laughing at this.

An here is our only Christmas picture together. Ruthie can not maneuver Val's camera well so we have to make do with this one shot. Tada! All smiles si Mommy and Papa, si Neo busy sa kisame ng simbahan.

On arriving home, we called some carollers in front of our house. In our hometown, we call this mascot "bangenge". Made of cardboard or big boxes, bangenges come in different characters, sizes and colors and they would accompany the carolers with their dancing. Neo was amused with this one. I'm just not sure what character it is.

When we went inside the house, there was a table full of gifts for the little boy. He can't still understand the meaning of all this boxes and what interested him was this pack of cookies from the Mommy's bunch.

Oh look! He learned to sip from a straw today!

The rest of Christmas day was spent sleeping.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

What we got for Christmas

Neo got....

Colored blocks from Tita Julie; My Big Book alphabet book from Auntie Arlene; mini piano and wooden puzzles from Lola Mama; wooden toy from Tita Mhe Ann; red and white checkered polo from Tita Bebe; blue bear pajamas from Tita Jen; NBA t-shirt from Ninang Linda; dark blue checkered polo from Tata Ninang Ruthie; Php 500 from Ninang Chris; Not in picture: baby scoobee doo shirt and short set from Lola Christie; polo shirt from Lola Elma; Bees wax clay from Lucas; Php 300 from Atty. CMB; Assorted things and goodies (cerelac, butter cookies, Huggies diapers, wilkins) from Lola Mommy.

I got ....

Foldable bag from Linda; 2009 diary calendar from Junjun; Tote bag fro Bebe, pink purse from Neil; bracelet from Mhe Ann, necklace from Jen, Tory Burch brown flats from Ritzie, lipstick from JBE; rosary bracelet from Maja; cupcake soap from Chris. Not in the picture, Mango wallet from Ma'am Julie; Careline eye make-up from Mimi; set of underwear from Mommy.

and Val got......

No picture: Ralph Lauren blue and yellow shirts from Ritzie; a big muffin and crinkle from Andrea.

Merry Christmas

Val, Neo and myself will be traveling to Cavite tomorrow morning. Me and Neo will be staying there until the 28th. Val will return to Manila early on the 26th because of work.

A happy, happy Christmas to one and all.

Holiday (not)

The operations of my job observes Hong Kong, Tokyo, London, Paris and Singapore business days. December 29 and December 30 are not Tokyo holidays. So, while the rest of the Philippine workforce are enjoying the looong non-stop holiday, I (together with some of my colleagues and bosses) will report for work on the 29th. It is just good that we were spared for the 30th.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Watta Weekend

I attended three affairs this weekend. Saturday afternoon, KC's first birthday party. Saturday evening, FEB IPDD get together. Sunday, the christening of Oyo (the baby of Val's brother).

First up, KC's party. The venue - Jollibee Novaliches. Haaay! Ganun pala sa Tandang Sora! Sobra traffic. I was able to hitch with my boss going there. Linda was also with us. We arrived at the venue past 4PM na. We stayed for a little while and watched some of the party program. After fast tracking out jollibee meal, we bade our goodbyes.

From Novaliches, we picked up Chris from Katipunan and then proceeded to Alabang. Buti nalang wala traffic. The call time for this party was 5PM, we arrived mga around 8PM na. Pero OK lang naman. Present in the party were Pat, Lani, Sol, Nony, Jen, Riel and Katryna. We headed for home mga 11:00 PM. This party was hosted by my and our former boss in Far East Bank.

After staying late last night, ang hirap bumagon! Val said and he have arranged to pick up Mama at 5:30 AM pero we got to Pandacan around 8AM na. And because of the delays, we were not able to witness the christening ceremony. Closing rites nalang then picture taking after. The binyag was at the church inside Fernando airbase and the reception was at Kuya's house.

At the church, we let Neo practice walking in the grass. Kaya lang natumba. Umiyak ng umiyak, But he's OK.
At the house reception, he was very irritable and he cried almost non-stop. Di pa kasi nakakatulog. I didn't enjoy my eating. The handa were lechon, lumpiang shanghai, menudo, beef mechado, roast beef, escabecheng tilapia.
We left Batangas at 2PM and reached the house at 5PM after going to the grocery for Neo's weekly supply.
Sobra nakakapagod!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Cake, Cake, Cake!

Our suking cake house is Layers and Layers in Kapitolyo. We have already commisioned three cakes from them for different occasions.

#1 - Our Wedding Cake. This was a rush order in 2007. Medyo hindi ko na pinag-isipan. Kaya ayan, mas muka pang debut cake. hihihi. Pero OK lang, masarap naman. Butter flavor yata?

#2 - Neo's 1st birthday cake. I like this cake very much. You can find the details about the cake in my post - The birthday, the preparation, the details dated November 22, 2008.

#3 - Boss' 50th birthday. My officemates liked the design. And the cake too! Mocha flavored. Yum, yum.

Loot from the Tektite tiangge

I passed by the tiangge to accomplish Val's list of "somethings" for their office exchange gift. And I was successful. For the "long and hard", I got a fancy ball pen (50 pesos). "Pink and smelly", I bought a small shower pink gel (50 pesos). "Soft and sticky", a pack of 7D dried mango rind (35 pesos) and 3 yema (5 pesos each) . And for the "technicolor" a leSportSac imitation purse (50 pesos).

And then I thought of getting a get-up for Neo. I saw this checkered red polo with matching maong shorts. I kinda liked it kaya I got the size for 18 months, confident that it will fit the little boy just fine. Kaya lang when I got home and tried it on, ayan, ang sikip! Val said, open nalang tapos naka sando sa loob. E ano pa nga ba, sayang naman kasi. Heheh. He'll wear it either on Sunday during his cousin's baptism or on Tuesday, during our office Xmas party. Ipag pipilitan! hahhaah. And then maybe, I'll pass it on to his cousin.

Mommy, sikip eh!

Remember I mentioned that the party favours we gave away to the kids on Neo's birthday was bought from the Tektite tiangge? While I was browsing around yesterday, I heard somebody call out "Ma'am!". When I turned around, it was the lady I whom I bought the bears from. She was handing me a cow stuffed toy, christmas gift daw ng shop nila. Sabi ko, "Naku, thank you. Nakakahiya naman!" And here it is! Cute noh? I'll give it to Aya.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Some News! 2

Eto pa isa, at Pinoy pa!

Child left behind at airport
Forgotten tot left behind at Vancouver airport
By The Associated Press

VANCOUVER, British Columbia (AP) - An immigrant family left a 23-month-old boy in the Vancouver airport and learned he was missing only when contacted during the next leg of the trip.Jun Parreno, the boy's father, told The Vancouver Sun the mix-up occurred Monday as he, his wife and two grandparents of the child, J.M., were scrambling between their arrival in Canada and a connecting flight to Winnipeg on Air Canada.Running late after having to unpack and repack all their luggage, "we had 10 minutes before boarding," said Parreno, who was emigrating with his family from the Philippines. "We were running for the gate."He said he thought his son was with the three other adults, who were running to the gate ahead of him, and they thought the little boy was with him.Instead, in a scenario similar to the movie "Home Alone," the toddler was wandering alone between a security checkpoint and the flight gates, said Angela Mah, an Air Canada representative."We were called by (security) who told us one of the security people had a toddler in tow," Mah said. "He doesn't speak English, so we found a Tagalog-speaking agent who has been looking after him."There was no boarding pass for the youngster because he did not have a separately assigned seat, so there was no indication in the airline's computer system that someone had missed a flight, nor had there been any panicked calls from anyone on a flight missing a child, Mah said.That's because the family was scattered in different parts of the plane to Winnipeg and still didn't know the child had been left.Air Canada staff began checking flights that had left, and "we eventually determined who his parents might be ... and the flight crew talked to them," Mah said. "They didn't realize until then that the baby had been left behind."We're not aware of this ever happening on an Air Canada flight before."The parents were put into telephone contact with the little boy, and Parreno was put on another Air Canada plane to return to Vancouver to get him after the family's flight arrived in Winnipeg with the airline covering the cost of the two additional flights, she said.Parreno had tears in his eyes when he returned to Winnipeg holding his son."I am relieved everything is OK ... but I was shocked," he said. "The staff at Air Canada took good care of him."

Some News!

Story below is TOTALLY, INCREDIBLY UNBELIEVABLE for a parent!

Parents forget 4-year-old daughter at airport
Eli Senyor
08.04.08, 08:33

Police officers patrolling Ben-Gurion Airport spot little girl wandering departures hall on her own while her family makes its way to Paris

A four-year-old girl was left behind by her parents at Ben-Gurion Airport on Sunday afternoon as her family made its way to Paris. Only after taking off, the parents were informed by a flight attendant that they had forgotten one of their five children in Israel.
The girl joined her family after taking a later flight to Paris, accompanied by a stewardess. The parents are expected to be questioned by the police upon their return to Israel on suspicion of negligence.
The incident took place on one of the busiest days at Ben-Gurion Airport this year, with many families leaving on their summer vacation. At around 2:45 pm, a Border Police officer spotted a weeping girl wandering the departures hall on her own.
The policewoman, Sagit Ben-Eden, asked the girl about her parents' whereabouts. The child said she didn’t know. Additional police officers alerted to the area managed to get the girl to give them her last name and her parents' names.
To their surprise, the officers learned that the parents had left Israel half an hour earlier on a San Dor flight to Paris. The child was left behind.

A further inquiry revealed that the parents were late to catch the flight to Paris and checked in hastily. For an unknown reason, they ascended the plane with only four of their children, forgetting the four-year-old child at the airport.

'This is something I've never seen before'
"We tried to reach the parents the moment we discovered they were on the flight, but the plane was already on the runway," Superintendent Amnon Shmueli, commander of the airport's Passport Control told Ynet.

"We then contacted the pilot, and when he confirmed that the family was on the plane, they were informed that they had forgotten their daughter and that she was at the airport."

Following the incident, San Dor decided to send the child to her parents in Paris on a later flight accompanied by a stewardess.

"When the parents return to Israel, we will question them on suspicion of negligence," Shmueli added.

"I've been on this job for many years, but I've never seen someone forget their child at the airport," he said. "I've seen people return to collect forgotten equipment, but such an incident never happened before."

Photography Seminar

Val will be enrolling in a Basic Photography Seminar by Jo Avila in January 2009.

The schedule is for weeknight sessions:
*January 6* – Basic Theories and Principles of Photography
*January 8* – Composition Techniques
*January 13* – Basic Studio Lighting & Flash Photography
*January 15* – Basic Photoshop
*January 20* – Basic Color Management and Guerilla Shooting Techniques

Seminar fee is Php 4,500.

The husband is so excited!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A Very Long Wednesday

is our breakfast birthday surprise for our boss at O'Boy Cafe, West Tektite

Noon ....
I am scheduled to have a haircut at Shunji Matsuo in Kapitolyo with Bebe. (Samantalahin an din ang pag blower para sa party mamaya)

is our boss' formal birthday affair at Le Souffle, The Fort

Apart from office work and duties, and some on the spot requirements, above are my activities this Wednesday. Haaay, hectic no?

I kicked off today getting up at 5:30AM. As I have still lots to before going to work , I have requested the yaya to come in early. After I finished the little boy's bottles, I prepared the things I will need for tonight's party. i.e. my dress, my shoes, make-up etc. And then off to work at 7 AM bringing with me the cake for the birthday surprise.

At the surprise venue (O'Boys, 4F West Tektite) I coordinated the sequence with Chris and Bebe. There were slight changes in our program because our celebrant was late. Anyway, overall, it was a success. Our hired musicians made nice renditions, our gifts (I can tell) were appreciated and most of all our boss was surprised with our surprise!

Around 11:30 AM, Bebe and I left the office for our scheduled haircut at SUNJI MATSUO in Kapitolyo. We were attended quickly naman by William Wong, the International Director of the hair studio. We were finished by 1:15 0r 1:30 PM. By the way, I got a bob. When we exited the parlor, we can see na medyo mahirap ang taxi. We walked towards Shaw Blvd and lo! super jam packed. We were in the middle of Kapitolyo and Shaw for almost two hours, walking here and there, hailing taxis with growling stomachs. Grabe. And because wala na talaga way kung hindi maglakad or mag tricycle, we we went nalang sa pila ng tricycle. At buti nalang pumayag yung driver to take us all the way sa gilid ng Tektite. Hay, what an experience and a tiring one at that.

Thirty minutes before we arrived, I just breezed the tiangge to get a tube. My dress for tonight has a low neck line kasi. I got one naman, black.

And then we prepared for the party. Once dressed, Chris and I headed first to Le Souffle. We will be at the reception desk for ushering functions. The party of the boss was fun, with old friends there. There was a band playing and dancing too. I went home, Val picked me up at 11:00 PM.

When we got home, Neo was deep in sleep with Ruthie watching over.

Midnight snacking

Maybe because he can't sleep yet, I heard Val going out of the house last night. I didn't know for how long but when I heard him enter the house, it was already 11:45 PM. Through my half open eyes, I can see him waving a brown paper bag which I shortly found out to be a bag of hot potato wedges. With the potatoes was an oversized burger from Charlie's Handcrafted Burger.

Charlie's is a joint adjascent to a car wash/detailing shop in Kapitolyo serving angus beef burgers

Val's take home was a black angus combo. Tasty and juicy. Filled with tomatoes and lettuce with a special sauce that I just can not identify at this time. Cost is 150 pesos for the burger and 25 pesos yata for the wedges.

We devoured this midnight meal in bed while Neo was asleep beside us.
At some nights from work, Val would come home with a pasalubong of one hamburger combo meal from Brothers naman. We share this night snack and he would always joke, "Samantalahin na natin ito ngayon, pag laki ni Neo Boy papanuorin nalang natin sya kumain".

Yay, can be true ,di ba?

Christmas gift

Neo got his first gift for christmas this year

(syempre in-open na agad ng mommy hehhe).

An OshKosh shirt from Beng. Thanks a lot tita Beng!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Colds and Cold

I'm down with COLDS since Sunday. Haay, hirap huminga. But I make sure to wear face mask at home so Neo won't get any. I take decolgen and plenty of h2O.

Its getting really COLD at night and sa madaling araw. I would wrap Neo with a blanket as he sleeps to keep him warm. Napapasarap naman ang tulog. Hehehe. Kanina he woke up at past 8 AM. Just in time to see us leave for work.

Monday errands

I took a lunch trip to Megamall to accomplish the following:

1. Pick-up album from PICTURE BOOK. I submitted this for lay-out and printing last Friday.
2. Bought frame 13' by 18'
3. Got black tights
4. Bought black sling back heels
5. Hello Kitty pink dress

- #1 is a gift to our boss for her 50th birthday. #2 is for her blow-up picture, another gift.
- #3 &4 are to complete my get up for the boss' formal birthday party on Dec 17 at Le Souffle
- #5 is for KC's 1st birthday on December 20. (see invitation and details from my older posts)
- only jamaican patty for lunch

Immunization Record

I just want to post this before sleeping, Neo's vaccination record:

11/08/07 - Hepa BI
12/20/07 - BCG and Hepa BII
01/08/08 - 5in1 (DPTa/DPTw, OPV/IPV, HIB)
02/09/08 - Oral Rotavirus
03/08/08 - 5in1 (DPTa/DPTw, OPV/IPV, HIB)
04/12/08 - Oral Rotavirus
05/10/08 - 6in1 (DPTa/DPTw, OPV/IPV, HIB, Hepa BIII)
06/14/08 - Measles, Flu I
07/19/08 - IPD, Flu II
09/06/08 - IPD II
11/15/08 - Chicken Pox
12/12/08 - Hepa AI

For February - MMR

Val and I try to follow the vaccine coverage as recommended by our pediatrician. More than anything, this is also our gift to our son ... providing him protection in every possible way we can.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Our weekend


which we didn't finish because we had to prepare going to the pedia.

Pedia schedule...
where we were number 14 on the patient's list.

Everything is A OK for us and the little boy. Dra. Gomez administered the Hepa A vaccine on this visit. Neo cried, pero sandali lang. No concerns to discuss, only the usual update on Neo's developments. The dra empasized toothbrushing. Next schedule is on February for the mumps shots. Yey! we are doing so far so good!

And it went on again. Neo is afraid of elevators. I noticed this when he was about 10 months. He is restless during rides. On his 11th month visit, he cried. In November, he cried. This time, he didn't cry but he hugged me and laid his head on my chest, obviously afraid. I hope he will outgrow this soon.

Since it was already lunch time and Ritzie, our ride back, is not yet done with her thing, we went down to the food court for lunch. Ner had tapa and apple C2 and I got hungry hippo burger with fries and iced tea. Neo liked the french fries, he nibbled three sticks.

We were finally picked up by Val who excused himself from work because of a bad knee. Ner had another bad stomach attack. Sent her home shortly after we arrived at the house.

At past 4:00 PM Ritzie, Val, myself and Neo boy arrived at the venue of Renzo's 1st birthday party Marikina. The party host and Renzo's mom, Lisa, welcomed us at the gate. And because we are early, we were given advanced servings of mini turon! yum, yum! The food was so masarap (spaghetti, lechon kawali, fish fillet, embutido, fried chicken, bbq, lumpia, fruit salad and buko pandan) and the party was fun. SUMATRA nga lang heading there and going back. Val played photog again. Neo was awake throughout.


Because we had a long day yesterday, Neo and I can't seem to drag ourselves up early. I wasn't able to prepare anything for lunch so Ruthie just brought home chicken inasal. After lunch, I continued on what was left with the laundry.

We left the apartment around 3PM to go Ritzie's condo. She had to attend to something and while waiting, Neo got engaged with the kids and teenagers playing in the patio. He went after the kid's basketbal which was still too heavy for him to lift, but he tried and did anyway.

From the condo, we made a short stop at Chowking for halo-halo.

Before heading home, we stopped by Layers and Layers cake shop to place the order of my boss' birthday cake. At so short a notice, I was relieved that they still took my request. Cake to be picked up on Tuesday (around 7PM) just in time for the blowing on Wednesday morning.

Coming from a photo event, Val rounded us from the cake shop and proceeded to Pioneer Centre for our weekend groceries.

SIDE NOTES: Gravity Games was where Val went. It is a skateboarding event held at Meralco Ortigas. He won a pair of Tribu shoes by raffle.

Friday, December 12, 2008


Small pretzel, big pretzel!

The small one came from a big bag of many small pretzels. Imported ones brought to the office by Bebe. Crunchy, salty and yummy!

The giant version is a pasalubong of our boss from Edsa-Shangrila Bakeshop. Soft, chewy and yummy din!.

He he he. Just for fun. Picture taken in the office before going home one Friday. Chris modelling.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Christmas party foodie

We celebrated our office chrismas party at Q Bistro last night.
The resto is located at The Malayan Plaza, Opal cor. Topaz Rd.,

Below are pictures (from Maja's camera) of some of the the ala carte
dishes we ordered .......

Baked Fish Wrapped in Bacon

Siobal's Seafood Pasta

Trio Formaggi (1/2 of the split)

Baked Salmon with Ginger

Parmesan Chicken

Porkchop with Saffron Rice

For appetizers (sorry, no pictures) we had Classic Bruschettes, Spanish Chorizo, Seafood Spring Rolls and Gambas. Each one took their choices of beverages, the men and the boss had beer. I think everyone was full, nobody cared for dessert.

Wala lang, I just wanted to show the pictures. I am not an authority with food kaya I will not give any culinary comment. Lahat naman kasi sakin "masarap!".

1. For our kris kringle, surprise! surprise! my baby was also my mommy! Bebe and I exchanged gifts. I gave her a red magazine rack and she gave me a B&B Sweet Pea spray.

2. For this night's party, I requested Val to take charge of the little boy after the yaya goes home. With all the food I ate, i was so busog, I didn't even bothered to check if there is food in the house. When I got home, hindi nga sya kumain! He just opened a can of tuna and ate away. Kawawa naman. :-(

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Birthday party invitation #3

We received another birthday party invitation! And this is the third for Neo. The celebrant, Renzo is the baby of Ritzie's officemate and friend Lisa.

Neo gears forward

Val got out Neo's Chicco car from storage and road tested it yesterday. Neo sampled a ride and was excited with it. Our little boy is really gearing up to the next level of everything!

At the office

Now, I am sipping from a cup of cafe mocha from Starbucks. An officemate who is venturing to acquire a calendar/diary from the coffeeshop is just lacking one sticker. I volunteered to grant him the final one. I wonder why my sisters are not collecting this year?

And this afternoon we had our bunutan for the kris kringle on Thursday. The gift cap is 150 pesos, no food, no cash, no GC, no load. Hmmm, what can I possibly get my baby?

Monday, December 8, 2008


Last November 09, a day after the NEO is ONE bash Val, Neo and I, Papa and Mama went to Binondo. Our supposed destination was the AMBOS MUNDOS restaurant to have lunch. Val was telling me the other day that the restaurant was the oldest in Manila and serves Spanish dishes. I became curious and wanted to check it out.

Finding the perfect time that day, we went off went to Manila only to find out that the store was closed! An old timer waiter on the door (who, according to Mama was the same waiter who would seat Val on a highchair when he was still small) relayed "namatay yung manager namin eh kaya kami sarado". Sad news.
We left the place only after Val took pictures of the Vietnamese pig sleeping by the doorway. Look at the pangil! Ganyan ba si Pumba?

We settled for yet another landmark and famous restaurant in the area, SAVORY. We ordered the all time favorite chicken (yummy, yummy!), pansit canton (masarap), beef steak (didn't taste it but looks yummy) and nido soup (just the usual). The servings were in big amounts that we still had half of each plate to take home.

The little one was enjoying and entertaining himself (and the door guard) as we ate. He too had small portions of the chicken and he liked the sauce of the pansit canton that I mixed with his rice.

After lunch we just drove along and stopped by the Binondo church.
See some of Val's Binondo shots.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Trip to Batangas cancelled, Val's improvements

We were supposed to go to Batangas to visit Kuya Loloy and Leizel's new born baby boy. Val had to cancel because he had some layout work to do following his kiddie party coverage yesterday. He is getting better on his shots, at least, from my lay point of view. Check out the following and notice his name on the photos:

On other domestic affairs, this morning Tata Ritzie ordered McDonalds. Neo had a piece of pancake which he likes. Now at 11:15 AM, a pot of munggo beans is boiling on the stove. When ran to the grocery an hour ago to get formula and wilkins and there was a new stall there - Tinapang Salinas. We thought that it is perfect for the ginisang munggo we planned to cook. Neo liked the ulam and ate plenty.

Birthday gifts

Nearly one month after Neo's birthday, I found little time today to sort out, arrange and document the things he got. And here they are:

1. Tita Leddie - Thomas and Friends train
2. Tita Charing - birthday card and 500 pesos
3. Tita Julie - 2,000 pesos
4. Kuya Izzo and Renzo - fairy tales hardbound book
5. Ninang Chris - Pelican Crocs (navy blue)
6. Brenson, Tita Mhe ann, Tito Jeff - study machine
7. Tito Neil - toy aggregate
8. Tito Lothar and Ariel - Winnie the pooh toy
9. Lucas - beat drum
10. Tita Nyree - play school toy
11. Sam, Hannah and Kaila - music stacker
12. Caryl - Disney letters and numbers
13. Tita Anne and Tito JD - blue sweater, giraffe t-shirt and pjs
14. Kuya Lorenzo Vergel de Dios - Baby Einstein book
15. Caitlyn Pacheco - music box
16. Ate Leigh and Leeam - 5 in 1 sunshine puzzle
17. Ate Maja - basketball and board
18. Kuya tommy - magic keyboard in concert
19. Ninang Linda - Gingersnaps t-shirt and shorts
20. Tita Mimi - Shelcore toy truck
21. Tita Beng - yellow tshirt

Thank you po for all the presents!

(I might edit this page and insert the actual pictures of the gifts)

Friday, December 5, 2008

Eli the Magtataho

This is Eli, our suking magtataho. He has been around for more or less thirty years peddling hot soybean curd with arnibal and sago in our Cavite city neighborhood. I remember when we were little, his "tahoooo" calls are an audio fixture every morning. I didn't like taho much and I think my sisters too. But mommy would insist that we have them once in a while. Some years after our childhood, Eli was still there to cater to our brother, Rodneil, who liked it.

These days, he still passes by our Cavite house for the daily take of daddy. And occasionally ... guess for who else?

One Saturday visit in Cavite

An early walk in Barlan

First tricycle ride for the curious little boy

Shoe shopping in the palengke

Afternoon stroll in Samonte park

Bob the builder

See Neo's scanty Bob the Builder collection. Building Bob big book, Bob's Busy Year little book and Bob the plush doll. Not included in the picture is his DVD.

Saturday, 06 December

I blog this as I take a break from my laundry -ing. Yaya is currently humming downstairs as she attempts to put the little boy to his mid- morning nap (I didn't want to be around making noises and disturb her endeavor).

Anyway, Mommy and Daddy were here this morning. They have a scheduled check-up with their doctors at the UST. Val will go to his friend's studio in Malate so on his way he will drop off M and D to the hospital. He will be late going home later because tonight is his office Christmas party. Ruthie is still at work from her shift last night. Ritzie has work too.

For lunch, we are going to have fried tilapia. I have asked Ner to pass by the palengke and buy us a kilo. This afternoon I am planning to start the scrapbook i have been really meaning to start noon na noon pa.

Got to get back to work. Nakatulog na si Neo boy :-)

Birthday party invitation # 2

This is the second birthday party invitation for Neo. It's KC's first birthday! Caitlyn Claire is the daughter of my officemate Jen and husband Noel. They were present during Neo's birthday party too. Cutey baby, noh?

Weekday grocery

We went to Pioneer Center supermart for our mid-week groceries. On our cart we had the following:

1. XXL Huggies Dry diapers
2. 3/4 kilo chicken legs
3. 3/4 kilo pork (menudo cut)
4. 1 pack, 4 pcs. potato
5. 1 pack, 5 pcs. of onions
6. 1 pack of green monggo
7. 1 gallon Wilkins distilled water
8. 1 small bottle of hairgel
9. 1 Nestle mixed fruit yogurt
10. 2 packs of mechado mix
11. 1.5 liter of Coke regular and 1.5 liter of Coke zero
12. 6 packs of Tide lemon scent detergent

receipt totaled : P1,002. something

And as we left the cashier counter, we grabbed back issues of Working Mom Magazines. 3 for 100 pesos. For my freetime mommyhood reading.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Affairs in December

The following are my events schedule this December:

December 06 - Visit Kuya Loloy's and Leizel's newborn baby boy, Lipa, Batangas
December 11 - Office Christmas Party, Italianni's, Megamall (was changed to Q Bistro, Ortigas)
December 13 - (AM) Neo's pedia check-up. Chickenpox shot
(4:00 PM) Renzo's 1st birthday party
December 17 - (AM) Boss' birthday surprise, Breakfast at O Boy's, Tektite Tower
- (PM) Boss' 50th birthday party, Le Souffle, The Fort
December 15 - Sam's 1st birthday party, Jollibee, Cavite City
December 20 - 3:30 PM, KC's 1st birthday party, Jollibee, Novaliches
- 5:00 PM, FEB-IPDD get together, Alabang
December 21 - Oyo's christening, Lipa, Batangas
December 23 - Office children's christmas party
December 29 - Office day
December 30 - ???

Find time for lunch/dinner date for friend Gladys who is soon arriving from the US.

Ordinary Monday and Tuesday

Monday and Tuesday passed with the usual, home-work, work-home routine. Last Monday, kahit holiday, I went to work.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Two Crocs for the little boy

Neo has two pairs of Crocs shoes. A blue Pelican, a birthday gift from his Ninang Chris and a black and red Cayman Mickey given by Tata Ritzie.

Unfortunately, we have to wait for another month or a couple more before both pairs of shoes fit.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Capping our Friday

Tomorrow I am going to attend the wedding of my friends, Brenda and Darryl. Linda and I bought their gifts at Regalong Pambahay in Pioneer St. where we got them a black lampshade and a matching black picture frame. Nice and elegant pieces.

Val is off today and tomorrow. He was invited by a friend to his studio in Malate. He dropped me off to work in the morning and picked me up around 6:15 PM. He had his camera cleaned at a Canon service center in Shaw Blvd. He enumerated his agenda for tomorrow.... haircut, car wash and laundry.

Same old things about Neo kulit. He has really mastered the sawsaw suka play. I have seen his left over bowl and he didn't finish his carrots. This morning I gave him his first servings of cereal and he liked it. And oh, maybe he'll learn to clap hands after all! Before we went to sleep and while playing he moved his hands close and away just like clapping (but not exactly). I hope he will soon because i think this is the one feat he has not yet accomplished on his age range. But no rush, he has other advanced skills anyway.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

A new blogger's dream

Iam shining new in this blogging arena and I still have more to learn and explore and contribute. I love the sorting of pictures - old and new, posting them here and installing relevant captions. I am enjoying as I recount our everyday family happenings. Someday, in my old age, I can go back to this blog and backtrack experiences done and gone. I have never kept a diary. This blog is perfect for storing and sharing memories.

When I gave birth, I kept a small diary where I jotted the developments of our new born baby, more like a bulleted list. But I can not locate that diary now with all our stuff and baby things in disarray. Gone went my baby's recorded milestones (unless of course i find it). With this blog, there will be no risk of losing this chronicle because of my carelessness. Yahoo!

Together, Val, Neo and myself, will build this blog to relate our lives as we live it. We will inject happenings that transpired in the recent and far past as we recollect. And we will express our visions in the future as we dream.

I wish that our son will read this when he grows up and continue this as far as he can go for his children to read and continue too.
MEANT FOR THE FUTURE (and this is dreaming for me):
If you are our grandson/granddaughter that we might not get to meet anymore, and if you are reading this now, continue this blogging legacy.

I give thanks everyday

Everynight, before I put Neo to sleep, we say our nightly prayers
Everyday I thank the Lord for a blessed day past
Everyday, I pray that the family be healthy and safe
Everyday, I ask the Lord to make our son grow up to be kind and confident, obedient and respectful
Everyday, I thank the Lord for giving us this wonderful gift, our ultimate blessing, our one and only Neo boy!

At the Tektite tiangge

Val and Neo, the Tatas and yaya Ner went out on a little outing at the Tektite tiangge today. While waiting for me to come down from my office, the little boy enjoyably paced the lobby amidst the crowd of people rushing to get out of the building. As if in a shopping mood, he wandered his eyes on the panindas around, pulling a shirt on his left and a choker on his right as we walked past the booths.

And look at what we brought home! A RASCAL red shirt and a THOMAS and FRIENDS white shirt for the little boy. Earlier, I have already eyed the same shirts but the tindera won't give me a discount at 75 pesos isa. At that late a day, we walked away with it at 50 each! Sometimes in tiangge shopping, it pays to wait until closing time (i.e. kung may matitira pa).

Dinner was the left over nilaga from lunch. Val said, "masarap ang kain nya". And I seconded, "ako rin!".
BTW, today , the 27th is our month anniversary. Four years, four months plus Neo and counting.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Val's Canon DSLR

Val recently acquired a DSLR camera and he practically sleeps with it. He bought a pile of photography magazines and is now seriously learning photoshop. He attends photo sessions and lessons and is always out taking shots. Let us see when can he sustain this interest. My support of course is with him. Except when he goes home so late or fails to cook us dinner, aha! goody ole wifey me!

Anyhow, no matter how minuscule his knowledge in photography is, he proudly declared himself a professional! What duh??! In one of his outings with friends who covered a baptismal event in October, he was given 1,000 pesos! For what? For staying all throughout the event pointing and shooting. Hahaha! And because he was compensated for his service, he said he is now an official professional photographer! Ambisyoso! But seriously, he is extremely interested and said that he will be surely good at it soon. He will also focus on his photoshop for better print layouts. Let's wait and see. And so dear all, you will be seeing a gallery of his sample shots on this blog. Bear with us until he gets his groove!