Friday, June 26, 2009

on site AVP made by Val


Michael Jackson ... may he rest in peace.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

No yaya (again!)

Ner did not come to the house yesterday so the little boy was left with his Papa. Haay, ang hirap!

From work and coming home at 6:30 AM, nag straight na si Val as sitter to his son. Kawawa naman.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Dra. G absent

Last Saturday, we were set early to go and have Neo's 5 in 1 vaccine from his pedia (one month delayed from the original schedule). Upon arriving at the clinic, Ate Susie (dra's sec) informed us that dra. G was absent! We went to Robinson's Pioneer nalang with the tata's and had lunch at Tokyo Tokyo.

New skills

Neo simultaneously learned these new "skills" last month. One demo lang alam na agad i-execute!

"Show an ugly face"
"pick your nose"
hahhaha! puro kalokohan ang tinuturo ng mommy!

Father's day

We just stayed home last Sunday. Because we splurged on my last birthday and on our anniversary day, we decided to lay low on this occassion. Anyway, everyday is father's day!

In the morning, and because the yaya was around, Val and I rushed to the grocery to get our weekly stuff. We also passed by the palengke (Edsa Central) to get Neo a new timba (php 300). While there, Val and I both got a pair of tsinelas (php350) and step-ins (php330).

I just prepared sinampalukan for us to partake.
A remarkable incident occured though, while the little boy was playing around, naipit sa lagayan ng damit kaya ayan, injured! He cried loud for a while but he didn't seen to mind when I poured alcohol on his wound.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


We purchased a laptop last May 22. A Compaq Presario which we acquired at a little bit of a discount from the recent computer warehouse sale in Tektite.

Rainbow beard

This morning was the very first time I saw Neo get frightened. While I was doing the usual morning chores of preparing his bottles and tidying up, I let him watch Barney. He suddenly blurted out crying and I saw in his face that he was really frightened. Even Val who was upstairs heard and sensed something was wrong . I rushed towards Neo at the same time that Val hurriedly descended the stairs. We found out that it was a pirate character in the cartoon show that caused Neo to react as such. I recalled, the name of the pirate was "Rainbow Beard". I think it was not the look of the pirate that frightened Neo but the delivery of the dialogue, medyo nakakatakot nga!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Neo @ 19 months

As it has really been a while since my last blog contribution, I practically forgot my log-in name!

Anyway, Neo's 1.7th mark just passed and here are what we does:

- parts of the body he knows, identifies or points out:
pusod and,

- among the words he knows and really knows the applicable meanings are:
"nyam-nyam" for all food
"ma-mam" for all beverage including his dede
"wa-waw" for dog and all others with four feet
"ta-ta" for his titas
"mammie" for me and val! hehe, walang distinction
"bob" for his favorite bob-the-builder

- you can request him to :
close the door, any door
give you something
stop, although I think he only listens to me
put on the TV
shut the electric fan

- he demostrates if you ask him to:
clap his hands
close open his hands
beautiful eyes
wave bye bye
give you a flying kiss
hep hep hurrays
draw you an imaginary circle
show you a circle
kiss you on the cheek
give you a funny face
show you his pointer finger if you ask how old he is

- he also ...
tap dances
head bangs to music

Thursday, June 4, 2009

My birthday, our anniversary

Last Sunday was my birthday and two days forward would be our wedding anniversary. To celebrate the double occassion (and going a little bit overboard), we went to Edsa-Shangrila for lunch.
Neo and mommy aboard the elevator from the parking to the Shangri-la lobby...

We heard kids playful noises along the hotel halls .....

What's in here? An indoor playground!

Neo went in to join!

Lunch was at Heat. And because Val ran out on camera batteries, these are our only pictures. Sigh!
Happy birthday to me!