Sunday, April 26, 2009

This weekend

We just stayed at home this Saturday.

On Sunday, Val had a meeting with a client at SM Centerpoint so he brought us along. We had early dinner at Savory and did the groceries.

I'm looking at long week ahead.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Home late

For the past many weeks now I come from work so late that putting Neo to sleep is no longer my nightly task. However, maybe the little boy feels that mommy is home, he would open his eyes for a very very brief moment and gives me a smile!

A hard day's work paid off!

Sunday, April 19, 2009


Sobra likot na ni Neo!

At home he runs around without care (unless you tell him to). Kaya ayan, pawis na pawis na, na- bukulan pa! This happened with me watching over! Hala! anong klaseng bantay ang nanay!


No yaya this Saturday equals me doing everything again. But lets not make this about me.

Neo is becoming very, very fast in picking up instructions and executing. While we were lying down after his feeding, I thought of teaching him something. I asked, "where is Neo?" I raised both my hands for him to follow and surely he did! Ask him now anytime, a he'll show himself to you with arms raised high. Hehehe. Kakatuwa!

On the same day, I let him climb the stairs by himself!

Bathed thee times on Saturday.
Bathed three times today.
Tasks done this weekend:
1. cleaned up Neo's cabinet
2. replaced curtains on our room, the sala and the kitchen
3. grocery with Ritzie
4. vacuumed room

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Free access

We (ritzie, val, neo and me) are now at pc express shaw boulevard. Ritzie is buying a pc ensemble for Rodneil. They have this terminal for free browsing so I thought of availing. hehe. yun lang.

Thursday, April 16, 2009


Val called me in the office yesterday excitedly reporting that Neo can feed himself with a spoon. Late na yata for his age to do that. We have not been training him to do that kasi, puro subo-subo lang. Anyway, Val said to buy Neo a new set of spoon, the ones with short handle lang. The last one we bought were long for Neo to handle for self feeding.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Sino kamuka?

Some would say, Neo is becoming to look like me. But here in this shot, there is no denying kung kaninong carbon copy.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Flat tire

One of our car wheels went berserk this Saturday. As we were to head home to Kapitolyo from a short stop at SM Bacoor, Val saw the flat right back wheel . He had tried to air pump it but declared it useless. We have managed to drag the car to the nearest service shop and there had it checked.

Anyway, we have two brand new tires now @ P1,650 each. Talk about unexpected expenses!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

And oh...

... Val cut a good deal of hair from Neo's head last April 03. I just remembered now and I felt the need to document.

By the way ...

... I got the results of my APE and my reading declared a slightly elevated cholesterol. All other factors OK and normal. Now, I just have to figure out a way to do something about it.

Swimming pool

Like most kids this summer, we got Neo a kiddie pool. Be privy to his very first swimming pool experience...

The yaya reported Neo doesn't like the dip much but from the looks of it, it doesn't seem so. What do you think?

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Neo @ 17 months

Today, we add another month on Neo's age count and at his stage he ...

- perfectly sounds off ma- mmie in various intonations and decibels
- expert with stacking toys
- is a hearty eater, even over anxious between each subo
- takes a round of dede around midnight
- calls his yaya na-nny or te-ne (ate Ner)
- insists on reading to him and he listens intently
- points and identifies parts of his body e.g. hair, eyes, nose, tongue, pusod, birdie etc.
- he obliges when you ask to give you something : just say "Neo give (mention object) to mommy"
- he love, loves taking showers and dipping in his timba with his rubber duckies
- can recognize bob (the builder) anywhere
- wears size 5 shoes
- still enjoys Barney and now loves Sesame Street na rin. I think he likes the "C is for Cookie" song by cookie monster
- becomes irritable when it is hot
- like to play with all of his toys scattered on the floor
- can be asked to close the door, close the ref, shut the TV, shut the electric fan
- still enjoys peek- a -boo
- pretends talking with someone on the celphone, only, he presses the unit on his back and not on his ears. heheh kakatawa
- can climb up to three steps on the stairs. although im sure he can go farther when not apprehended

Above are just top of mind. i'm sure i have lots forgotten. But oh well, Neo's growing up pretty good.

Monday, April 6, 2009

From New Zealand with love

You know you have made good friends when those friends extend their thoughtfulness to your children. It means they not only love you but they love your kids too. Such as when we received a package full of nice things for our little boy.

Below are pictures of presents received from Karl and Kaye. Karl is Val's close buddy and Neo's ninong who now resides in New Zealand.

More than anything, we thank Karl and Kaye for their touching gesture!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Us three in Baguio

Our outing stretched from April 3 to April 5.

Minus some very short- lived "quasi" crying outbursts, Neo has been OK all the way. While all of the other kids displayed various versions of sumpongs, he had been generally in good spirits. Maybe because he is still within his comfort zones with me, his Papa and the yaya around. But more than anything I would like to think that Neo has a good disposition, hindi sumpungin.

I post here Neo's highlights.

Neo and his shadow on that morning of Saturday ...

Neo and Val in the middle of the strawberry fields in La Trinidad ...

Neo at SM Baguio (where I got a Bob the Builder book on sale!) and lunch at Teriyaki Boy ...

Neo at play, Baguio Country Club ...

Neo and ate Ner, dressed up for dinner at Rose Bowl ...

Neo asleep, Sunday morning ...

Neo and Mommy, Palm Sunday Mass at St. Joseph's ...

Neo with the big doggie at Mine's View Park ...

Neo happy to be back home ...

Overall it was an enjoyable bonding time for us (and for the yaya too). Such a perfect dry run for us to plan for our next trip!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


We were number 7 in this months' pedia visit where Neo is scheduled for flu vaccine. Among the instructions of Dra. Gomez is to start dentist orientation, but not necessarily for Neo to sit on the dentist's chair. Just some familiarization with the clinic so that he won't get frightened when it is time to have a real visit. She recommended a dentist in our area whom she says was good in dealing with children. I requested a change in vitamins and was prescribed Zee plus to add with Neo's current Nutroplex. Just a minor thing though, dra. instructed to have a few drops of oil to clear Neo's left ear. Following this month's shot are the succeeding vaccination shedule:

May - 5in1 (dpt, ipv, hib)
June - Hepa A II
September - IPD booster
November - Typhoid
December - Meningitis

We were finished around noon and was picked-up by Val. And since it's noon time we have opted to go to Bonifacio Highstreet and lunched at ...

We ordered Asparagus soup, Baked Ziti and Smoked Salmon Pizza with Dill Cream Sauce.

didn't we just had pasta last week?!!

We went home afterwards and altogether had our naps.

Around 5pm I declared time to do groceries and headed to SM hypermart. After shopping for our weekly supplies (kiddie swimming pool included @ a sale price of P1000) and paying the bills in the bayad counter, we strolled around Tiendesitas. Val didn't bring his Canon so these shots were from my camera phone...

We just stayed in the house on Sunday because our car batteries were busted. We availed of the batteries for delivery service and had a new one at P3,590.

Also today, we were able to dispose of our accumulated plastic bottles. A cartful earned us 27 pesos!

Long time no post

Wow! no entry for one week! I must be so busy!

Anyway, the yaya didn't turn in today. Haayyy! Panic panic! I'm just so lucky to have a very compromising husband. He will take the leave and I will go to work and I have a guilty conscience. Bawi nalang next time.