Thursday, February 26, 2009

No more fever

Neo is well now. Malikot na ulit.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Forty point three...

... was Neo's body temperature when we brought him in at Medical City yesterday morning. After he was checked by the doctor and was administered Tempra, the fever went down to 38.1. We were discharged shortly. According to the doctor, it was viral but if the fever persist we should come back for CBC testing.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Monday, February 23, 2009

Old picture

I was browsing my picture folders and I saw this ... my favorite picture with Val.

I have seriously thought of having this shot on our wedding invitation.

Nahh! Below was our actual invitation.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sunday, funday!

This was how we spent our Sunday...

- Mass at Holy Family Parish
- Walk at the Kapitolyo Park
- Breakfast at McDonald's Tiendesitas
- Home cooked adobo-gata by Val for lunch
- Grocery at Pioneer

some captured moments today.

at the church.......

at the park.............

at McDonalds ....


as in Major Mistake!

Because of a past experience, I have resolved never to come to Dra. Gomez' clinic at 10 AM. This Saturday, we arrived at the clinic some minutes after 10AM! Again, we experienced our past experience.

It was a long, tiring wait until the number 27.

In the past experience, our number was 27.

In the past experience, we finished at 4PM.

This visit sent us home at 10 minutes before 4PM.


Anyway, Neo finally got his MMR shot. Next schedule is in March for flu vaccine.

Friday, February 20, 2009

288M lotto prize

When Val saw how much was at stake on the Sunday lotto draw, he joined the long line of betters at the pioneer center outlet.

and here's our shot....

2 - 14 - 11 - 8 - 5 - 31

Val's B-day Neo's B-day My B-day

Not a 60's baby


Shower, shower!

A new heater for the shower was installed in our bathroom last Tuesday. We have immediately tested Neo on it and he enjoyed the experience. Now, the little boy will have a new meaning to the word "shower, shower". Where before her yaya would just pour water on his head and body and chant "shower, shower".

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

On being a mommy

Back when we still didn't have Neo and even way way back when I was still single, I cannot relate with my friend mommies telling tales about their kid's adventures so ecstatically, repeatedly even. It's like they never tire of recounting the itsy bitsy details of their baby's milestones. For them, every story is earth shattering.

And back then I would say to myself, what's the fuss?

Now that I am a mother myself, I understand. That a mother will never get tired of talking about their babies. That I am no different like all other mommies who tell tales to friends about their baby's itsy bitsy adventures so ecstatically, repeatedly even.
Babies, kids, children ... truly a mother's joy.

Projects, UPDATE

56% completion rate! All arranged by Val today!

1. Install aircon - DONE
2. Fix defective water pipe that have been flooding the front door - DONE
3. Install mirror-cabinet in the bathroom - DONE
4. Bring up bed and Val's cabinet in our bedroom - DONE, except for the cabinet
5. Install shower with heater in the bathroom - DONE

Now the ball is on me. And I'm saying, it can never be done 100%! well, errr, at least not anytime soon. Remember my blog "Lazy or Tired?", haven't figured still.

6. Clean - up cabinets
7. Sort Neo's old clothes and toys
8. Re- start scrap booking
9. Bring to Cavite the little tikes slide given by my boss. Hindi kasya dito sa Kapitolyo

Sunday, February 15, 2009


1. Install aircon
2. Clean - up cabinets
3. Sort Neo's old clothes and toys
4. Fix defective water pipe that have been flooding the front door
5. Install mirror-cabinet in the bathroom
6. Bring up bed and Val's cabinet in our bedroom
7. Bring to Cavite the little tykes slide given by my boss. Hindi kasya dito sa Kapitolyo
8. Re- start scrap booking
9. Install shower with heater in the bathroom.

So much to do, so little weekend time.

Neo update

Today, Neo discovered and learned how to operate our stand fan. It is not a push button fan but it is of rotary design. Now, aside from having him close the door, pwede na rin utusan mag bukas ng bentilador! Konti nalang pwede na bumili sa tindahan. hahhah!

Very good anak.
He has also discovered the power button of the CPU. Once, while I was in the computer, my monitor went blank! Can you guess why?

BTW, it was just me and Neo today. We ate, slept and played. A fun day it was.

Valentine treats and goodies

During our valentine's day slash Val's birthday lunch, Panceteria San Jacinto gave away heart trinkets for the ladies. And Mom & Tina's handed out rock choco candies in very dainty wrappings to customers.

Upon arriving home, we had these laid on the dining table. Half a dozen cupcakes in different flavors and half a dozen cinnamon rolls, valentine treats from Ruthie. I will have to cut sweets for one week!

Hope ya all had a sweet valentine's day!

Pasig palengke

Have you ever been to the palengke of Pasig?

I first heard of it from my officemate and the yaya who uniformly relates how you can get clothes etc at super mura prices. Even cheaper than Divisoria! I have been to the place some months ago but was not able to have the feel of it because we have tagged Neo along and there was no decent parking.

Until late, the girls at the office has been making after- office trips to this market. The days that followed, they have been donning in the office the clothes they have purchased during their trysts. And they were nice pieces, hindi mukang "mumu". The best day to go is Wednesday and Friday nights where the "bagsakan" takes place. There would be blouses as low as 35 pesos or 3 for 100!

Joining the band, we spent our Valentine's morning there. Our palengke take-home are all in these plastic bags.....

Inside the bags were:

1. seven assorted polo for Val at a whooping 65 pesos each!

2. two maong jeans for Val. Nice fit at 250 pesos each.

3. Socks, half dozen 100 pesos lang! "ayos naman" daw sabi ni Val.

4. Kid's jacket - 90 pesos

5. set of pambahay for Neo - 75 pesos

6. scrub shirts at 100 ; mga pambahay for Mommy, 100 pesos each. nice tela naman

7. Patterned curtains at 150 pesos per panel. We recently bought at SM, at 300 plus per panel.

8. cloth bag at 100 pesos

Nothing for me (ay the bag pala), let's see next time.

Price steals are the ladies blouses and shorts. Accordingly, the prices during the Saturday tiangge is marked up already kaya its best to go during the "bagsakan".

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy birthday, my Valentine

We had a full day today, Valentine's day, Val's birthday.

I have greeted him "happy birthday" at 1:15 AM on February 14 when he got home sooo late from a photo shoot. I was groggy with sleep and went quickly back waking up at around 7:00 in the morning. I had to rush early to the store to buy water and EnfaGrow A which both ran out much to my surprise. When I came back, Val was already awake. The yaya had already finished most of the laundry yesterday leaving a few to attend this morning.

Since there was still no plan on what to do today, I asked Val what he liked to do, where he want to go. Oddly, we have all decided to go to the Pasig palengke as I have been telling tales about how mura blouses and clothes there were (our adventure on a separate entry). So off we went to the palengke - Ner, her daughter Abby, Ritzie, Neo, Val and myself. After a while of looking and buying, Neo became uneasy and started to make sungit. We had to cut short our shopping! Huhuhu!

As it was already 11:40 and lunchtime, we went to Panciteria San Jacinto in Libis.

Our lunch set for three -Val, Ritzie and me (Ruthie already sleeping from her shift)
comprised of ....

bird's nest with quail egg soup, fried chicken (medium)

long life pancit canton, stuffed bean curd with pork filing

... and bottomless drinks (iced tea, never miss)

And what's the perfect way to cap a good lunch but some yummy desserts! And there was Mom and Tina's. Bwahahha! We got a couch seat.

Tada! our selection ...

oreo cheesecake strawberry cheesecake

wow wow weeee!

Some shots of Neo today...

We went to the Holy Family Parish in the afternoon.

Towards the end of the day, I forced Val to finish the weekly errands because he will be out the whole day of Sunday. So, we made the trip to the laundry for his clothes, accomplished the groceries and went for the car wash.

Our day of eating an celebrating is not yet over because beside the car wash station was ....

We were supposed to dine there but Neo was not in his good mood so we took home our orders of Fili cheese steak (for the hungry) and crafted fries.

So that's about our day, Valentine's day, Val's birthday.

And oh, this is the little boy's way of celebrating with his papa.

Happy, happy Birthday, honey!

and to everyone, wherever you are, a lovely happy valentine!

Monday, February 9, 2009

New meals for Neo

I really have to device a new set of daily meals for Neo. He doesn't eat the food I am preparing anymore. Yesterday I made potatoes, carrots and chicken cooked in tomato sauce. Today I made tuna and rice. On both counts, he did not like it. My repertoire for cooking is very, very limited. And by limited I mean pinirito, sinampalukang manok, and ginisang munggo (the only method and ulam that I do). Others would say Neo can eat anything now, "kung ano kinakain nyo yun na din ang pagkain nya". The problem is, we don't cook religiously at home. We eat out, take home or order for delivery.

With this latest development, the task of mothering again pressed hard. Being an office person, I barely have time to perform motherly tasks, most especially cooking. But I know I really, really have to do something about it. With Neo growing, preparing breakfast, lunch and dinner for the family (among others) should be hurdled head on.

Happy 15 months Neo boy!

Hello, my baby! Let mommy tell you how you are.
At 15 months old, YOU........

- understand instructions: stop, no, give, dirty
- follow instructions: get your shoes, close the door, don't go there, come here
- walk, run, jump
- identify the neighbor's dogs as "wawaw"
- call your papa "Bob"
- call me "mama"
- shout out "Tata" when you see your titas
- sound out words we don't understand
- still don't like taking your vitamins
- know how to dress: you extend your arms and shoots it on the shirt holes, you step on pant holes too
- dance when you hear music
- have your own version of singing
- pounce on the keys of the computer keyboard
- click on the computer mouse
- press the buttons of celphones as if really texting
- are a violent sleeper: you toss and turn and even stand up with your eyes closed
- are an impatient car rider: you shout when motion stops!
- wave bye bye
- have 8 teeth : 4 up and four down
- love bath time
- keep quiet during our nighttime prayers
- laugh loud

Because the past weekend was so hectic, I postponed your MMR vaccination for next week. But then again, it's Papa's birthday on Saturday. Let's see.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

This Weekend

On Saturday, I went to Clinica Manila to have my cough checked. As the yaya stayed overnight I slipped out very early to see the doctor. I was prescribed antibiotics (co-amoxiclav) and a cough tablet to be taken for seven days.

Neo's clothes were already hanging in the sampayan when I returned so I let the yaya leave early. And as I am still lacking sleep from last night's outing in Tagaytay, I dosed off beside the also sleeping little boy. We both woke up around 12:30 PM. I just tidied up a little, fed the little boy his lunch and started to prepare for neighbor Patrick's party at 3:00. Since we still have no gift to bring, Val, Neo and I left the house to make a short round at Robinson's Pioneer. We got Patrick a Grizzly checkered baby polo.

We arrived at the party at 3:30PM. There were many guests. Among them were Evo and Zoe with their parents and yaya, Nathalie with her parents and yaya. There were the usual party activity, clowns, games, balloons etc. The food was good, I ate plenty of okoy and mini lumpia. Neo vomitted after taking several sticks of stick-O and a couple of slices of apple. I forgot to bring extra shorts kaya he was only in diapers during the rest of the party! Really, what kind of mommy am I?!

Val played photographer.

On Sunday, Mommy and Daddy are coming over because they have to meet Tita Auring (dad's sister) and Tito Steve (visiting from the US & coming from Batangas) in Megamall. Val had an engagement in the morning so he was not able to join us. Ruthie, Ritzie, myself and Neo together with Mommy and Daddy met Tita Auring and Tito Steve at Jollibee. We had lunch at Cabalen, buffet. Neo liked the pakbet and had a double bowl serving. He also had banana. Since stories and catching up are not yet satisfied, M&D and T&T transfered to a coffee shop. We on the other hand went widow shopping. I just bought diapers from SM. Val was able to get the dividers. We arrived home at 3:30. Neo slept instantly.

BTW, Neo got USD100 from the tito and tita.

We were not able to do the groceries, we are doing it today.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Neo's meals

The following are what I have prepared for Neo this week:

broccoli, carrots , tomatoes and beef strips

boiled chicken with pechay with a squeeze of calamansi

potatoes, carrots, beef chunks in tomato sauce
*** we introduced stick-o and he liked it, 3 sticks straight!

vienna sausage with broccoli

breakfast - pancakes
macaroni soup (with chicken, pechay baguio, squash)

NOTE: Same set for lunch and dinner except rice is excluded in the PM meal

It's almost the same every week. I have to re -structure!


We are going to Tagaytay after office today for the despedida of an officemate. We are having dinner at Massimo's. I have requested the yaya to stay for the night to watch over the little boy. My sore throat a headache are still persisting.

Thursday, February 5, 2009


I got a text message today from the seller of the three- panel divider I purchased from ebay last September.

Take note, S-e-p-t-e-m-b-e-r! and it's already Febuary! I have paid for it in advance but I have been putting off the pick-up in Greenhills because I cannot find the time to get it then. We were so busy with the preparations for Neo's birthday followed by the crazy Christmas schedules. Anyway, I promised to get it on Sunday and I have arranged this with Val.

Now, I just have to figure out where to station the item. And then I thought, maybe I don't want a divider after all! Sigh...

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Now is February and next month is March. And what is March weatherwise? The onset of summer! Personally, I don't like summer because of the heat and the itchy, sticky feel it brings. But I am excited this time because we will be bringing Neo to a pool or the beach! Splash, splash!
In preparation, I bought Neo these yesterday. Teee hee hee!

swimming shorts from the tiange

More books

Added to Neo's book pile are :
1. Pooh's Colorful Shapes
2. Blue's Song Time Music Book
3. Bob the Builder Building Buddies

All brought in by Val one Tuesday.