Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Neo - sick again

He was absent for three days (Friday, Monday and Tuesday).

Fever started last Thursday and learned about it when Sonia texted as Val and I were on the way home around 9PM. Fever persisted until the whole day of Friday getting a highest temp of 40. plus. Gave him Dolan and Tempra. He was well Saturday and Sunday.

Monday morning, he complained about his hurting feet. He said he can't walk which I believed because he is one kid who cannot stand being out and about on the floor, jumping and running. I got worried and my mind entertained worst scenarios. The whole day he was like that. Either just sitting on the sofa or lying in bed. We brought him to the ER of the Medical City. He was checked and the resident announced that he has "viral myositis". Uhh, new term, never heard before. The dr said it was pain in the muscles brought about by Neo's high fever. He was ordered for CBC. Results were within the normal range so thank goodness!

He cried during the blood extraction but explained why we have to do it. We were discharged right after the reading of results. His prescription was just ibuprofen for any pain.

We will visit Dra, Gomez on Saturday.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Club Astoria

Last Tuesday, I received a call from a person from Club Astoria announcing that we were chosen to be a recipient of a buffet dinner for two at the Astoria Hotel. Val and myself went to claim our free dinner but as it turned out, was actually an invitation to join the hotel's exclusive club. The membership will entitle you to a yearly one week stay at the hotel for 30 years and other hotel accommodation freebies. As good as it sounds, the package was expensive. Their lowest offer was around 140k which we cannot afford right now.

We enjoyed dinner, nonetheless. Plus, they gave us a hotel voucher for two good for 6 months. Hotel locations were, Las Vegas and Orlando, USA, Indonesia, Thailand and Bohol. Far flung choices, I may say.