Sunday, November 29, 2009

Cavite bazaar

Every year, towards Christmas, the Cavite Export Processing Zone hosts a holiday bazaar that showcases products of export quality, among others.

I was able to gather a pile of the following.

4 good quality shirts for Neo.

Thomas the train items. 1 shirt and a box of Thomas and friends mini book.

Cars mini book and a small Cars tumbler.

A cookie monster shirt and 2 christmas books.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Neo is TWO

Dear Anak,

It was the feast day of St. Joseph in 2007 when we learned that you are coming to be a part of us. At first I thought something was wrong because a lot of blood gushed out from me. I, together with Pap went to the doctor for check-up. It was a happy surprise to us when the doctora confirmed that I am pregnant! The ultrasound revealed that there were two of you inside me! But Papa Jesus opted for your sister to stay with Him and be your guardian angel instead.

I was instructed by the doctor to have a two week bed rest because she ruled me out with threatened abortion, meaning I am in a complicated condition. I was hospitalized for 3 days and the two weeks extended to a total of two months. The days of bed rest was filled with thoughts of having you soon and how we will spend our lives as a family. I read for you, I talked to you and we listened to classical music. More importantly, I drank milk for you! Hahhaha! I was finally given clearance to go back to work and the rest of the following months went out smoothly. Carrying you in my tummy was a fulfilling experience for me and Pap. Your father took good care of us bringing me to office every morning and fetching me at night. His foot rubs for me eased out the pressure of your weight as you grew heavier and heavier every day. Giving a name for you wasn’t a hard task either. Your Pap was consistent with naming you "Michael" because he said that many Michaels are great (Jordan (sports), Jackson (music), Schumacher (racing), etc). I followed your second name from your lolo and you are finally named MICHAEL SIMEON.

Your Pap would always pester me and my tummy asking to you to “get out”. As the days of my term came near, he would always ask, “Is it time?" “Is he coming out?” whenever I call for him. Your birth date came in November 08, a Thursday, two years ago today. I haven't filed my maternity leave yet so I was in my office when my water bag broke at around 3:00 PM that day. I immediately called my doctor to ask for instructions. I called for your Pap next and he came rushing, parking our car in the Tektite driveway and announced to the security guards that his wife on the 31st floor is about to give birth. He barged in our office with a wheel chair! I was carted out on wheelchairs and was feeling funny because I wasn’t actually feeling anything strange yet. Per my doctor’s instruction, I can still go home and take a quick bath, which I did. I remember, when we were on our way to Medical City, Pap and I we were laughing and happy. I cannot recall that I was nervous or afraid. We were excited because we are going to see you soon.

I was admitted inside the maternity room and your Pap stayed with me for a while. I was subjected to an emergency C-section because you already pooh-pooed in my belly. Yes, I experienced the pain of labour. After a while, I was prepared for the delivery room. I was awake the whole time they were cutting me and after only a few minutes, I heard you cry. When they laid you beside me, all I can remember saying to myself was how maputi you are. I even heard the anesthesiologist gasp. “Ang puti!”. Maybe he cannot relate because the mother is the opposite, hehhehe. They took you away and placed me in the recovery room. My time there was like forever, the clock was so “slow”. The next time I saw you were from the camera shots taken from the nursery and I immediately saw whose looks you have taken. Finally, I came to visit you in the nursery. When I held you close to me, I felt the fulfillment of my life.

Today, you turn TWO. Mommy and Pap will give you a happy, happy birthday! We have a long, long way to go and a lot of birthdays to celebrate. And as we recalled the very day you were born, we say our wishes that you grow up to be a a smart and confident individual, God fearing and obedient to your elders. Our prayers would always be for your safety and health.

Sweet dreams little man, we’ll be right here when you wake up.

Friday, November 6, 2009


Our neighborhood association organized a halloween affair last October 30, 2009. The "Jeepers Creepers!" trick or treat activity was a lot of fun and the little boy had a grand time. We got this cute, cute costume from the mall the night before and had it at a discount!

More than a hundred trick or treaters attended. Val, Ruthie, Ritzie and Ner joined Neo on his very first holloween experience.

Neo turning two

Yey! I am posting today!

Actually, its not only me who's busy but our laptop is. ;-)I haven't even seen the shadow of that machine as Val has been manipulating it for the past days. I have a pile of backlogs to post pa naman! Anyway, I borrowed my sister's unit just so I can update and document our plan for the little boy's birthday.

We are spending Neo's special day in Tagaytay. We booked a room at the Taal Vista and we will spend Saturday until Sunday there. Ang bilis ng panahon talaga! Our boy is two already. I doesn't feel that long ago when I was busy preparing for Neo's first birthday eto at birthday na ulit nya!

Just for a quick update on milestones -

Neo already has his "terrible" episodes such as over crying, faking cries, throwing things around, slapping faces and tantrums.
On the up side, he recites the alphabet (with assistance)/recognizes and identifies more than
half of the 26 letters
He counts ... man, to, tri
Animals he recognizes are tigers, elephants, zebra, fishes, dogs, cats, monkeys etc
It is so difficult to put him to sleep especially during the day
He loves playing with other kids and calls all of them "baby"
He observes things first before actually plunging in and get engaged
He can say many words now, new words every day!
He dances funny!
Love, loves Lightning Mcqueen
He is aware of his company. Like when we were in the mall and there were four of us (Val, Ritzie, me and Neo), he would make a roll call on all of us. If one is missing he would be searching with his eyes and ask out for that person

And the list goes on! We are excited as we turn to another phase because there's more to come!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Birthday cake

It is going to be Neo's 2nd birthday on Sunday! Last night, we went to Layers and Layers and ordered for Neo a small cake. I requested for it to be made in "Cars" theme.

Val, Neo and me will be heading to Tagaytay on Saturday and go back on Sunday.