Sunday, August 30, 2009

Tiendesitas and Greenhills ...

Were the two places we went to this weekend.

Val, after his appointments in the afternoon of Saturday, called up to tell us that we are having dinner out. We opted somewhere near and went to Tiendesitas. We ate at Savory. Our order: Set meal (chicken, pancit and sweet and sour port) and a big bowl of lomi. Neo loved the lomi and ate plenty. We strolled around a little after eating and I was able to buy socks for Neo ...

I also bought a box of putong keso and a small bottle of garlic bits from Picky Moms.

On Sunday, I wanted sana to bring Neo to the Ark of Avilon kaya lang Val said next time na lang. We went to Greenhills instead. We passed by the chapel where there's mass going on.

From the many lines of restos there, we chose Las Paellas for lunch. Our first time. We enjoyed our orders of : mushroom soup, Paella Valenciana and Garlic Chicken al Ajillo. We liked our meal and we are definitely coming back to try others on the menu.

On our way to the parking, we spotted these set from one of the boutiques :

Neo got all excited and was sort of jumping when he saw the prints on the t-shirt. Seeing your son this excited will cause you to bend and pocket out P350 for the cost of goods!

Syempre, pag meron ang baby meron din kay Mommy (ibang level nga lang)! Hobbes and Landes Yoh-gurt Froz! My always toppings are strawberry and cheesecake. The third one varies.

(picture borrowed from a site)

H&L's fro-yo are heaven for me, but I have yet to try Red Mango's and The White Hat's.

Yabi yabi!

This afternoon after tending to our groceries at Pioneer Center, we brought Neo to Jollibee. I am not sure, but I think this was our first time at the store. He was introduced to Jollibee by his Tata Ruthie who would bring him spaghetti and french fries with all of Jollibee's face printed on the plastic packagings and plastic cups and napkins.

Upon seeing the Jollibee figure on the front door and after stepping inside, the little boy won't stop shouting "yabi-yabi!". He keeps on pointing at Jollibee's pictures and posters! He was so excited!
Now, he has a place for the face! This afternoon's visit will definitely be the first of many!

Thomas and friends

Lately, Neo had taken a liking of Thomas and Friends. I think he's gone tired of Barney, Sesame Street and Bob the Builder. Val bought 4 CDs of the animation.

And because this is a late post, we only captured here two of the CDs, the other two CD cases were already casualties. Har har har!


One day, the yaya was recounting, Neo emptied his toy basket and scattered everything on the floor. He was scanning through the pile and spotted his old chicco rattle. He picked it up and pulled the yaya towards his stroller. He was pointing at the the brand letters "chicco" which is the same with the brand letters on his rattle.

Smart boy! dont cha think?

Monday, August 24, 2009

No color

Black and white shots from Val's old DLSR camera.

Show me the money, Jollibee

Last Sunday when we were in Cavite and while lola was doing some organizing of things in the bed, she noticed Neo holding something. She inspected it and saw that it was a 10 centavo coin. The lola asked, "O Neo, where did you get your money?"

Neo echoed "ma-nee"!


Another one, also in Cavite.

While Ritzie was rummaging a cabinet in search of old photos, Neo went beside her and curiously bent over to see the insides of the cabinet. Ritzie was surprised when Neo shouted out "Yabi-yabi!" Indeed, when she checked, there was an old alkansya with Jollibee printings!


I have always wanted a tsinelas for Neo. When he was still months old I bought him a pair of havaianas in Subic which he haven't really worn much.

Havaianas Philippines has pulled-out their kids versions so I can't get any from the store for his "now" size.

Last Saturday, while at the palengke with Ritzie, we chanced upon this footwear store with kids tsinelas hanging out. When I checked, the rubber soles were soft and the thongs looks OK naman. Kaya lang there were only few choices and colors. We bought the winnie the pooh design in orange at P50.

I tried it on Neo when we arrived and we instantly saw on his expression that he didn't like it. Nakasimangot! Probably the color. We forced it on him but he kept on kicking his legs and shouts in protest. After some wrestling, we managed to shoot the slippers onto his feet and were able to get above photos pa.

He won't wear it now. Sigh. Maybe I buy another pair, ibang color naman.

Drinking cup

Ever since Neo learned to drink on cups, he haven't got his own to use. So here you see him drinking on his own plastic cup we bought last week.

Expert cup drinker na. No spills!

Sunday, August 23, 2009


I am wearing eyeglasses now, (again!). Because of my constant complain of headache and eye strain, I have decided to see an opthalmologist last week.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

New words

"yayabi" or "yabiyabi" = Jollibee
"wiwi" = wiwi
"eyes" = eyes
"didi" = rubber duckie
"hat" = hat or hot
"up" = up
"Pap" = papa Val
"yes" = yes
"meme" or "mimi" = sleep


Last Saturday while I was bathing Neo, I noticed a black speck on his chest. At first I thought it was just dirt but when I tried to scratch it off, it won't go away. It looked like a mole.


I went on a business trip to Baguio last August 9 to 12, the very first series of days I was away with Neo. I asked Mommy to come over the house to oversee and at the same time I also requested the yaya to sleepover.

It was hard being away with the little boy and I have really missed him.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

San Antonio barrio fiesta

Every June 13, Daddy's barrio in Lubao celebrates the feast day of St. Anthony. We have bought Neo along with us, his first time in Pampanga.

We celebrated mass at the parish of San Antonio.

Each year, there would be a delectable buffet spread.

I let Neo play around kaya ayan, pawis na pawis at ang dumi dumi.


For sometime, I can hear Neo utter "dab-dab". I didn't regard it that much because I thought it was just a random, no equivalent word he makes.

A while ago, while we were watching TV, Ruthie mentioned that her LAPTOP has a problem with the keyboard. Neo suddenly blurted out, "dab-dab!".

Now we know what "dab-dab" means.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Random Neo

I post some of Neo's recent pictures I randomly picked- out from files:

Neo at Tito Romy's yard, Lubao, Pampanga

Neo, playing with his new little trucks, Kapitolyo

Neo, waiting for his order, Skakey's Robinson's Pioneer

Neo's forehead, eyes and nose only, Cavite City

Neo, checking some fishes, nearby Montessorri

Farewell ... Tita Cory

Tomorrow will be the burial of Mrs. Corazon C. Aquino, former president. She succumbed to cancer last August 01, 2009.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Bed sheets

Lately, I am into buying bedsheets with nice designs. Above is Neo's very favorite. The first time he saw it fitted, he shouted out "wawaw! wawaw!" He dived immediately into bed and embraced the pictured animals.

Neo @ 21 months

Neo will be 1 year and 9 months in a few days and I am making this update today.

- as already mentioned, his dra noted that he is a little bit big for his age.
- he can utter two words consecutively now e.g. "Mommy, mam!" = Mommy, give me milk
- his newest word is "damp" = jump. He shouts it and leaps up one leg. Di pa kaya mag jump.
- other words he learned a few months back but I missed to document are:

"Baybi" , "bebi" "bibi" = baby
"Kak" sometimed "Kok" = crocs
"yabie" = Ner's daughter Abby
"Yayay" = not sure if its for his yaya or for his wound
"ey" = letter A

- he sounds out as if talking to you or telling you a story.
- he listens intently while reading at him.
- he sounds off "toot, toot" imitating the sound of his train Thomas
- he doesn't like Chuckie, the chocolate drink. We tested it last Sunday and he wouldn't take another sip.
- he loves Thomas the train now and I think he grew tired of Bob (the builder).
- he likes to watch his dvd's while sitting on anybody's lap.
- he has a lot of scars on this legs.
- he wears his caps now. Just say, "uy, pareho ni Bob"
- two new lower teeth came out
- he points out at many things as if always asking "what is it?"
- he doesn't cry or go after me when I leave for work. (Is it because he understands or he doesn't care? Nye!)
- he eats all the food and yummies that his Tata ruthie brings in.
- he can operate almost every appliance in the house, knows the right button. The electric fan, the tv, the dvd, the aircon and even the gripo.
- he is such an adorable little boy

We didn't sent him to school yet. We will do it next year.

Weekend August 01-02


Val, me and Neo had lunch at Shakey's Pioneer. Val had the platter, and I ordered for bunch of lunch. We added parmesan fries and a strawberry shake. Neo took a lot of the mushroom and onion soup and some of the spaghetti. He didn't like the strawberry shake but gulped a lot of his Papa's iced tea.

We got this car sticker done at the mall that day for 90 pesos.

For the lack of something to do that afternoon, we let Neo wear his Papa's shirt. Hehhehe.

On Sunday, we met Mommy and Daddy at SM Bacoor. Val didn't join as he had something to finish for a client. Of course, the lolo and the lola were very happy to see the little apo. We just walked around the mall then it was time for lunch. We were asking each other where to eat and Neo suddenly pointed out to a direction. When we turned to see where, Aha! Kay Jollibee! He really knows the bee and can tell from anywhere!

After lunching at Max's (sizzling tofu, bangus belly, spring chicken, lumpiang shanghai), we went home to Cavite. Seeing a chance to get a rest and nap, I left the little boy to the lolo and lola. I woke at around five to see Neo asleep. Accordingly, he got tired of dancing and from playing.

We just passed by pioneer center to get groceries for the week.

Upon arriving home in Kapitolyo, there laid on the floor a surprise for Neo. A set of train with rails that Val bought from Quiapo for 75 pesos. Upon seeing, Neo gave out a large smile of delight. He played with his new toy right away but didn't gave the train the chance to run on its rails. Kawawa naman si train.

Neo, sleep!

I and Val had a very good laugh last night.

Usually, before going to bed, we would play with Neo and ask him to do his "tricks" and "talents". We would ask him to show us his kilikili or show us an ugly face or ask him to dance. When told, "Neo, sleep!" he bent down, laid his head on the pillow and closed his eyes, as usual. Only this time, we heard a gurgling sound. Shortly we realized he was imitating his Papa's snores!


Nice one, anak!