Saturday, July 25, 2009

Vaccine chart

We are almost complete in our vaccination chart! Yesterday, Neo got the Hepa A injection. We will be back on September for the IPD III booster. Two more shots before his second birthday and we are done!

On this check-up I let the dra see something on Neo's back. It's a diaper rash that became more pronounced because of his constant scratchings. We were prescribed an ointment to be applied for 3 to 5 days.

The Dra. G also noted that Neo is quite big for his age. She again emphasized weaning from the bottle and toothbrushing.

Because Val had an apointment in Quezon City, we (with Ner) just took the cab going home.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Same time last year

taken last July 22, 2008

Up til late

I went home last night with Neo already sleeping. Before going to bed, I opened the laptop to post some backlog entries kaya lang as I did, nagising ang little boy. He didn't went back to sleep but got to his toes instead.

He finally got tired at 11:45 PM after playing with his favorite playmate of late ....

... his shadow

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


July 05, 2009 was Neo's first Timezone experience. We purchased his first game card and loaded Php 150.00 (which I doubt if we can consume).

Papa and Neo's first ride on the .....

SUPER BIKES !!! YEHEYY!!! Kaya lang Neo seemed not to have enjoyed the ride :-(

Neo eating noodles

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Weekend July 18-19

Val, Ritzie, myself and Ner's daughter Abby went to Robinson's Pioneer Cinema last Saturday to get the 11:15 schedule of Harry Potter 6.

After the movie, we strolled the mall a bit and then saw this for pasalubong for Neo...

patrol car for 100 pesos only. May siren sound and lights na! hhehehe

Sunday was mall time again for me, Neo, Ruthie and Ritzie. Val was left at home to finish some work. We had lunch at Amici's (again for me and Neo) and first time for my sisters. We ordered the mozzarella frito, the sausage with vegetable, spaghetti ala carbonara and a margherita pizza.

Since in Mega, Neo and mommy did the groceries.

Friday, July 17, 2009


Now that we have transferred office in Pearl Drive, I really have to find time to sneak out and walk the few blocks to the Tektite building.

I have particularly planned on going to the bazaar yesterday to buy Neo <= these pajamas (@ 75 pesos each). I think they are the better kind because it doesn't push upwards to the knees like the ones I get from SM or Robinson's.

Neo's legs are marked with spots because of his scratchings so better to cover his legs well.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

My waking up

Everyone of us wakes up each morning thru a stimulus. One form can be from the shrilling sound of the alarm that went off. Another by the aid of another person shoving us to get up. Can be from the aroma of the breakfast spread or from the pesty bark of the neighborhood dog. Of course there are others who rely on their ever exact body "clock".

As for me?

Well, my waking time and my mornings are taken care of by a sinister looking little fella ....who always plans his seamless moves....

with his lethal weapon, he calculates his aim to his target ---

and then he strikes... with force .... yaaaaahhhh!!!!


He grins triumphant with his mission well accomplished and mutters...
"har har har ! Now mommy is awake, I'm ready for my milk!"

Monday, July 13, 2009

Weekend July 11-12

We went to Megamall for lunch and had it at Amici's.

After Megamall, we went to Quezon City to check on a condominium unit along EDSA. The text invitation of the realty agent was quite interesting because it fell somewhere along the area of what we can afford. It turned out, sobra taas ng mga units, hindi namin kaya! I always ponder, will we ever afford a house of our own?

On Sunday, Val had an event so Neo and I stayed together for some bonding time. Earlier, we already did our groceries in Pioneer. Neo didn't sleep until 4 PM. Val came in at around 8 PM with a bagful of Charlie's... spaghetti marinana, cheesesteak and angus burger.

Neo new things

colored sandos from the palengke. I need to buy him pajamas next.

little trucks from Hobbes and Landes, Bonifacio Highstreet

new timba replacing his old green one. We bought him a larger one but he didn't like it. Natakot maligo for a while. We had to coerce him into bathing again for about a week!

tumbler from Robinson's Pioneer department store. I just bought this to get the straw to replace the one that fell down the drain.

set of shirt and shorts (3 pairs) from Robinson's Pioneer department store

three animal books FARM, FOREST and ZOO from Tata Ritzie

stripped shirt from Robinson's dep store. So cheap, P49 pesos lang!

new favorite, Cowhead bisquit, cheese filling. I like it also!

McDo toy dog from Tata Ruthie

new "pampatulog" technique by Papa! heheh!

New in Neo's collection

These are Neo's additions in his Bob the Builder things:

- camera book - bought from ebay for 350.00
- walkie talkie - given by tata ritzie
- buiding yard book - bought in SM Baguio for 150.00
- 1 DVD - from Robinson's Pioneer 150.00

He loves to watch his DVD's and enjoys looking at his books!

Neo @ 20 months

This is the first time in many weeks that I came home early. I missed to post on the exact date of Neo's 20th month, so i'm making this today.

Neo is showing some emphatic gestures such as slapping and throwing things. It seems that the developments/ changes he exhibited this month is more on his moods, his not so good moods. He frowns and cries aloud if he doesn't get something he wants. He is starting to throw tantrums already (one episode yesterday) although I was able to pacify him by reading him a book. Also yesterday, my face was the victim of a flying half filled milk bottle and around a couple of hours later of another flying Blue's clues hard bound.

One thing I noticed this month is his association skills. I can tell that he is beginning to match things and places. If he sees a thing like my shower cap, he extends it to my head as if telling me to put it on. He recognizes our car from afar and knows is there's a new curtain placed. One day while I was sweeping the floor, I placed the rug above the table, when Neo saw it he was persistently pointing at it and when I did not respond, he pulled it and placed it on its spot on the floor.

He grows so fast and we love him everyday.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

cough and cold ...

are what's bothering Neo. I went home late Tuesday night and heard him coughing out. He has been taking Bisolvon every eight hours and he's gone a little better.

I just feel bad when Neo's sick and I can't even take a break and be with him at home.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Ner showed up today. Haay, salamat!

Taho, "nyam-nyam!"

Taho is one of Neo's favorites. See how his face lights us when he sees a cup and how he savors each "subo".

No yaya since Thursday

Ner (our yaya) has not reported since Thursday. According to her sister who called, Ner contracted sore eyes! Val has an appointment that day so I brought Neo along with me to the office. The little boy was fetched at 2:00 PM by Val. Ruthie who has her day-off, took over for the rest of the day.

I called Mommy to ask if she can watch over the little boy and and agreed to come on Friday. Ner hasn't showed-up yet (now is Monday) and Mommy is still in the house.

Bonding time between the lola and the apo!

Weekend (July 3-4)

Pasig Palengke

Tommy's 6th b-day party


Sunday, July 5, 2009

Weekend (June 27-28)

We finally went to the hospital after a month of delay on Neo's 5in1. We got the shot except that its a bit of a struggle now to lay him in bed and have him injected.

Neo after his injection

After Neo's appointment, Val and myself went out to watch "Transformers". The last movie we last saw was part 1.