Sunday, February 27, 2011

Marcus' Birthday

Mommy, Ritzie, ma and Neo attended tita Elma's grandson Marcus' 1st birthday party yesterday at the Pixie Forest Alabang Festival supermall .

Neo had a great time. After the party he went to have a ride at the mini train and we spent 40 pesos for 8 repeats of the ride. We hopped in the water boat ride and Neo loved it asking for more, more! We also went in for a brief play at the kidz stop playhouse while waiting for Ritzie. lastly, we took the train around the mall which Neo so loved that he doesn't want to go home. Sabi ko nalang we'll go back another day.

New yaya

We already have a replacement of the old. Her name is Sonia and she was recommended by tita May and tita Mely from Leyte. She seems to be nice so far and I feel that she is going to be well with us. So much for the painstaking stint with the old, now I can relax.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

No Yaya

Ner left us last January 26. I know it had an effect with Neo. He still chants " happy wak wak, ate Ner!" (whatever that means). On his schoolbook last February 4 was written that he would say "alis Ate Ner". Whenever he sees things that belongs to ate Ner, he would mention, " ate Ner yan".

I have talked to him and I think he understands. I just hope that we find a good replacement soon so that all will be alright.

EEG results

I got my EEG result last Friday and it reported a "within normal limits" impression. I'm so happy because everything is doing fine. I don't feel anything abnormal since my operation except for some very minor/shortlived headaches.

I went to my original neurologist, Dra. Orteza last December to consult and secure clearance if I can already travel to Singapore in February. She directed me to undergo EEG to be sure that I don't have any seizures. I'm glad that the results are fine so I am off to join the trip on the 19th.